Where We Are


cropped-logo77.pngIf arriving by train,

In front of the train station, take the funicular uphill to piazza Cahen (for informations click this Site). You can buy the ticket in the funicular station. Take the minibus (small 16-passengers vehicle) from there. It leaves just on your left as you exit the funicular station (use the same ticket, it is valid 100 minutes).
Take the minibus (Circolare C) to the first stop in Piazza della Repubblica. On the long side of the Piazza there is the City Hall building with seven arches; take the road through the central arch (via Garibaldi).
Take the road (about 50 m) to the intersection with a tobacco shop. Turn right there under the arch (to Piazza Ranieri) then immediately turn the corner on the firts left on to VICOLO Ripa Medici n. 14. It will be on the right (do not confuse with VIA Ripa Medici that is a different street).
There is a bench on the right under the red mailbox. Ring our doorbell

If arriving by car,

By the motorway drive towards the town center into Orvieto scalo. Enter the roundabout, towards Orvieto Center. Continue uphill you find a traffic mirror on your right, turn right and proceed to the town. Pass through Porta Romana, bear left through Piazza Cacciatori del Tevere and Via Garibaldi. Proceed for 50 metres and bear left
under the arch in front of Umbria Top Shop.Turn left in the Piazza Ranieri.
Leave the car and walk trough Ripa Medici at your left. I’m at n 14.
My house is in VICOLO Ripa Medici n.14 near Piazza Ranieri (do not confuse with VIA Ripa Medici that is a different street). You can find me there for Keys and instructions.
Next to our front door there is a bench and a red mailbox.